This book develops and explains a practical and orderly process of highway accident investigation, reconstruction and causation, beginning with the collection and interpretation of physical evidence, through the qualitative and quantitative reconstruction, to the determination of accident causation, with the ultimate goal of guiding the development of countermeasures. Included are over 80 photos and drawings, as well as the appropriate derivations for the science-based quantitative reconstruction techniques.

The process has evolved from the author’s extensive teaching, research and reconstruction experience involving thousands of highway accidents, as well as the expertise gained by working with other qualified investigators and engineers.

About the Author

While teaching civil engineering at the University of Miami for over 20 years Morrow conducted and directed multidisciplinary research designed to develop investigation procedures, reconstruction methodology, and the process for determining accident causal factors. He has taught accident investigation and reconstruction courses for federal, state and local agencies. Since leaving academia, Dr. Morrow continued to accumulate extensive experience in accident reconstruction and highway safety as a consultant in hundreds of civil and criminal cases. He holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering, and a master’s in civil engineering from the University of Miami, and a bachelor’s in civil engineering from Ohio State University.

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Published: 2016
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